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October 1, 2019

Jacksonville, FL - The 2019 Jacksonville Film Festival will showcase three days of international independent films at the San Marco Theatre on November 15-17, 2019. Jacksonville Film Festival is announcing the 2019 Official Selection; a total of 101 films have been selected, representing 21 countries with 26% being women directors. The festival received a record 471 film submissions from 41 countries.

The festival’s theme this year, First Hollywood, represents the vision to highlight and celebrate Jacksonville’s film history by screening shorts and clips of silent-era films that were produced in and around Jacksonville, before each programming block.

Niki Logoreci, Festival Director / Jacksonville Film Festival, said, “We’re excited to celebrate Jacksonville’s motion picture history this festival year. With 21 countries getting represented, we're happy to bring a global film perspective to our city.”

Tim Driscoll, Program Director / Jacksonville Film Festival, said, “I'm thrilled to be able to share with our community this fantastic collection of international, domestic and local films at this year's festival. The level of quality, top to bottom, may be the best collection of films we have seen to date. Film craftsmanship has risen across the globe and we're the beneficiaries. Don't miss this program. Join us in November and be a part of something special.”

The 2019 Official Selection films for the 2019 Jacksonville Film Festival are:


Feature Narrative

Every Time I Die - United States - Director: Robi Michael

Book Week - Australia - Director: Heath Davis

Feature Documentary

Who Killed Lt. Van Dorn? - United States - Director: Zachary Stauffer

Parallel Love: The Story of a Band Called Luxury - United States - Director: Matt Hinton

For Fear of Kofi - United States - Director: Marina Petrovskaia

Leave the Bus Through the Broken Window - United States / China - Director: Andrew Hevia

Fly Like a Girl - United States - Director: Katie McEntire Wiatt

Short Narrative

83 Days - United States - Director: Andrew Paul Howell

Mr. Sam - United States - Director: Zeus Kontoyannis

Lady Hater - United States - Director: Alexandra Barreto

The Adventures of Wonderboy - United States - Director: Marti Young & Alan Brazzell

The Replacement - United States - Director: Sean Miller

The Tattooed Heart - United States - Director: Sheldon Wong Schwartz

The Fighting Road - United States - Director: Walcene Metayer

Over the Line - Canada - Director: Aaron Hall

My Daughter Yoshiko - United States - Director: Brian Blum

Liberty - United States - Director: Faren Humes

The Hunt (La Chasse) - France - Director: Jean-Pierre Dupuy

Are you Volleyball?! - Iran - Director: Mohammad Bakhshi

A Swedish Classic (En Svensk Klassiker) - Sweden - Director: Måns Berthas

The Line (Il Tratto) - Italy - Director: Alessandro Stevanon

Melodi - Singapore - Director: Michael Kam

Hermit - Iran - Director: Omid Mirzaee

Papa - United States - Director: Brian Peery

Your Last Day on Earth (Tu último día en la tierra) - Spain - Director: Marc Martínez Jordán

Straw, Wood & Brick (Paja, madera y ladrillo) - Spain - Director: Companyia Mec Mec

Within Reach - United States - Director: Heather Fusari

AZADEH - Iran - Director: Mirabbas Khosravinezhad

Swung - United States - Director: Fokke Baarssen

ARIA - Italy - Director: Brando De Sica

After Emma - United States - Director: Gabrielle Stone

Let Tonight Pass - Iran - Director: Hamed Gasemi

Matched - United States - Director: Alex Willemin

INSANE LOVE - when love hides something you don’t want to see - Italy - Director: Eitan Pitigliani

BLACKWOOD - Australia - Director: Kalu Oji

We Have Your Wife - United States - Director: Jim Ford

Ms Hitt - United States - Director: Aaron Wells

Safety - United States - Director: Fabrice Joubert

Don’t Draw the Curtain (Nu Trage Perdeaua) - Romania - Andrei Florescu

A.M.A- United States - Director: Peter Ebanks

Starlets - United States - Director: Marten Carlson

Dorris 85 - United States - Director: Grace Philips

Ruth - United States - Director: Alex Rollins Berg

BAILAORA - Spain - Director: Rubin Stein

Short Documentaries

The Colorblind Artist - United States - Director: Carlo Caldana

Exit 12 - United States - Director: Mohammad Gorjestani

A Fresh Perspective - United States - Director: Aaron Hosé

Babli - United Kingdom / Pakistan - Director: Aneel Ahmad

Finding Jack (W poszukiwaniu Jacka) - Poland - Director: Tomasz Wiśniewski

After Parkland - United States - Executive Producer - Beth Mendelson

The Guy: The Brian Donahue Story - United States - Director: E.J. McLeavey-Fisher

Brick in the Wall - United States - Director: Bob Bean

Saving Florida’s Sparrow - United States - Director: Justin Grubb

5 Reasons Why we Need Hate Speech - United States - Director: Molly Dedham

Daniel Nasca: The Lion Within - United States - Director: Daniel Balandra

Hoan Alone: Personal Stories From the Bridge - United States - Director: Aaron Johnson

Love Separated - United States / Vietnam - Directors: Jackie Wright & Jack LiVolsi

Student Shorts

Mariposas - United States - Director: Adrian Carey

Doll it Up - United States - Director: Yalan Hu 

Interior Day, Exterior Night - Canada - Director: Othello Nogueira

Shaken - United States - Director: Chayse Banks

My Friend Frank - United Kingdom - Director: Joel Caborn

Recruit- United Kingdom - Director: Harry Statham

Petunia - United States - Director: James Leming

Still Life - Greece - Director: Iordanis Theodosiadis

Anita - United States - Director: Ryan Joiner 

Farewell Athens (Adieu Athènes) - France - Adèle Shaykhulova

Better Off - United States - Director: Jules Brown 

Lost in a Dream - United States - Director: Elizabeth Arceneaux 

Hard Shadow - Iran - Director: Neda Khanifar 

The Can - Russia - Director: Alexey Protsenko

Battle of the Air Bands - United States - Director: Joshua Bowen 

Colors Run - United States - Director: Olivia Carter

What we Had - United States - Director: Aaron Brooks

Student Documentaries

Oldest City Underwater - United States - Mallory Hopkins

Motherland (Батьківщина) - United States (filmed in Ukraine) - Director: Colby Blackwill

Blue Skies - United States - Director: Summer Schantz

Happier - United States - Director: Grace Yao

Woman of Steel - United States - Director: Chris Violette

The Flip Side - United States - Director: William Stead

Jacksonville Lynchings - United States - Director: Monique Mancera
Exploring the buried past of lynchings in Jacksonville, FL.

The Boss of the Music Industry - United States - Director: Antonio Rodriguez

Jacksonville's First Black Millionaire - United States - Directors: Aleksiya Phillipov, Haidy Andrada, Chelsea Rafan & Shawn Clark

Norman Studios - United States - Directors: Ian Wilson & Andrew Willis

A Colourful Red - United States - Director: Costa Karalis & Jack Owen

The Show Must Go On - United States - Director: Ellen Cottrill


Calls for Archie - United States - Director: Zach Christy

Ext - Canada - Director: Adrian Bobb

Framed - Italy - Director: Marco Jemolo

Two Bottles - United States - Director: Rob Shaw

Flicker - United States - Director: Brendan Arena  

Exposed - United States / Taiwan - Director: Ya-Lin Yu

Is That What Sex is? - United States - Director: Sarah Pender

Balance - Singapore / Indonesia - Director: Raymond Limantara Sutisna

Bird - United Kingdom - Director: Wu-Ching Chang

CycLove (چرخ‍‌عشق) - Iran - Director: Seyed Emad Karimifard

iRony - Australia / Japan / Korea / Malaysia - Director: Radheya Jegatheva

Repeat - United Kingdom - Director: Steven Haggie

Sound of Hell - United States - Director: Amanda Jow & Beatrice Li



Wizard of Oz (1939) - United States - Director: Victor Fleming 

Teardrop Goodby with Mandatory Directorial Commentary from Remy von Trout. - United States - Director: Franklin Ritch

For a complete list of films, including the synopsis, please visit jacksonvillefilmfestival.com/2019

For a complete list of films, including the synopsis, please visit jacksonvillefilmfestival.com/2019

Ticket information and the detailed schedule for the 2019 Jacksonville Film Festival: First Hollywood will be announced mid-October. Visit jacksonvillefilmfestival.com for more info. 

WHAT: 2019 Jacksonville Film Festival: First Hollywood

WHEN: Friday, November 15

     Saturday, November 16

Sunday, November 17

WHERE: San Marco Theatre

1996 San Marco Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32207

Jacksonville Film Festival is an annual international film festival that showcases in-competition and out-of-competition American and International independent films. The festival celebrates Jacksonville’s glorious moviemaking past by serving as a destination for the independent film community and encouraging a new generation of filmmakers to utilize the city as their canvas.

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