About JFF

The mission of the Jacksonville Film Festival is to celebrate motion pictures by discovering and showcasing new talent. We aim to rejuvenate the film industry in Jacksonville by creating an atmosphere that immerses the filmmakers with their audience and community. The festival is an opportunity for filmmakers to be recognized for their cinematic achievements while creating an event to reward the best work submitted to the festival. 


Founded by Joan Monsky and Karen Sadler in 2002, the festival debuted as a non-profit cultural organization that brought together a group of community leaders and local artists. The annual event screened dozens of the hundreds of films submitted for consideration to an audience comprised of local, national and international festival-goers.


The festival celebrates Jacksonville’s glorious moviemaking past by serving as a destination for the independent film community and encouraging a new generation of filmmakers to utilize the city as their canvas. We are bringing this highly anticipated event back to a city which deserves a reputable film and arts festival.

Jacksonville Film Festival logo

Jacksonville Film Festival logo

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